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Medical Billing
for Dentists


Medical Billing for Dentists


GoGo Billing is committed to providing Medical Billing services exclusively for Dental offices.

Diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Apnea is a fast growing field in the medical field and now expanding to the dental community. Sleep dentistry is quickly becoming the newest service offered by dentists to their patients by providing oral appliance therapy. The largest obstacle facing dental offices is not the procedure or incorporating it into their office, but getting paid by Medical Insurance! Medical insurance is completely different from Dental insurance and getting payment is not a simple task. Most medical offices employ the services of medical billing companies because of the complexity and time required to get payments. Why would a dental office try to take it on? GoGo is your exclusive solution!

Dental claims are completely different from Medical claims and require proper pre authorization and claim coding to ensure payment. Investing in Software and electronic billing set up is a lot of work for a few claims a month. The general dental office with a busy team does not have the time and resourses available to effectively get maximum payment for services. GoGo has done all the work and investing for you so you can get back to what’s most important, your patients.