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Medical Billing for Dentists

About Us

Frustration and lack of experience on their own part as a dental office lead Stacey Layman, DDS and Lesia Crawford an office manager to seek out help from the medical billing community. Unfortunately the company they chose seemed overwhelmed and did not come though on any promises made. After months of waiting and countless phone calls they were left with unhappy patients, stressed out staff and unpaid claims.

As the office manager Mrs. Crawford took on the responsibility of finding the right solution for the office. The answer was to personally train and work with an experienced medical biller. The claims were paid and a lot was learned though trial and error, research and countless hours on the phone with the insurance companies. Seeing a definite need in the dental community for this service, they decided to expand and start GoGo Billing -Medical Billing for Dentists.

Dr. Layman is a nationally recognized speaker on sleep apnea and conservative dentistry and is a key opinion leader in the dental community. Her office is located in Glendale, Arizona where she practices general, cosmetic and sleep dentistry. Lesia Crawford is an office manager and speaker on implementing new procedures successfully into dental practices. Her focus has been on customer service and she has been featured in Dental Town Magazine. Their goal was to unlock the mysteries of medical billing and offer a valuable service to the dental community.

GoGo billing is a company that was created by a dental office for dental offices. We know that incorporating a new service to your patients is difficult. Unlike typical medical billing companies, GoGo understands the services you provide. We look forward to working one on one with your office to insure exceptional customer service to you and your patients.